Aegis Oil Limited Ventures LLC
About Principals
Aegis Oil Limited Ventures was organized as a Delaware LLC in 2002 to engage in oil and gas exploration and to manage private investor Aegis Exploration LLC (USA).

Prior to the formation of Aegis Oil Limited Ventures; President and Principal James R. Freiman obtained his executive and management experience with several global companies in operations, finance, sales and management. Mr. Freiman and his team have been investing in oil and gas operations for over 25 years and is an active member of the Texas Oil and Gas Association. Mr. Freiman graduated from the University of Texas with a BBA in International Finance with a concentration in oil and gas operations.

Andrew Cabot has been our Chief Financial Officer and acting Chief Operating Officer since 2002 joining Aegis Oil from  FINA Energy where he has over 15 years in corporate compliance and  financial experience.  Mr. Cabot completed his BBA and MBA/JD from  the University of Chicago.

William J. Perkins joined Aegis in 2002 and is Chief Revenue Officer and lead Chief Geologist his experience is extensive with over 24 years with Halliburton.  Mr. Perkins graduated the University of Oklahoma with a Masters in Geology and Mining.

Aegis Oil Limited Ventures prides itself in participating with professional corporations in the oil and industry that are experts in finding undiscovered oil and natural gas reserves. Aegis Oil Limited Ventures only participates in oil and gas ventures with operations and geologists who have their own funds at risk. Comprehensive geological and geophysical research is performed on every drilling project.

Aegis also operates a subsidiary Aegis Ventures which performs management consulting.